ARwiz is a platform proudly presented by cherrypicks, a recognized global leader in mobile innovation headquartered in Hong Kong. We have pioneered the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR) Project in Asia since 2005 and have presented more than 100 projects with our clients and partners. Below is some of our award winning cases:

HSBC 150th Anniversary Banknote

Leverage AR technology to display extended and multimedia contents. Strengthen your corporate image.

In 1865, HSBC first made its home in Hong Kong. To mark its 150th Anniversary in 2015, HSBC has released a HKD150 denominated banknote, along with this augmented reality (AR) app named “HSBC 150” that brings it to life. With the app, users can take a 360° tour of the four HSBC headquarters, travel through 150 years of shared history with an AR animation of the Anniversary Banknote and discover the hidden elements of the note’s design.

Hennessy Coaster

Give your customers an interactive AR experience. Make your brand stand out from the crowd.

With Hennessy Coaster downloaded on your mobile, you can view an AR image of cocktail with sound effects on a Hennessy mat through your in-app camera. In the campaign, launched in 2010, customers locate and check-in at Hennessy bars, see upcoming and past Hennessy events, enjoy an exciting 4D music gaming experience “Hennessy Groove”, learn more about Hennessy Mix and use the NYX Viewer with in-app browser to learn about the Privilege Collection.


Let the fun starts with personalized AR creativity. Boost your products’ popularity.

Lollypop hides your 3D messages in ordinary physical objects that infinitely surprise your friends! Lollypop allows you add tailor-made puppets, 3D emoji, animated 3D stickers, videos and many more on any physical object. What’s more, you can unlock a collection of themed and limited edition animated ‘Ingredients’ to create more appealing and emotive Lollypop messages. Remember to share the message with your important ones as each Lollypop you made is a secret conversation showing your love and joy!


Stay true to high performance on AR. Stay true to quality presentation.

Town Check leads a revolution mode of communication on traditional media. It solves the limitations of traditional barcode and minimizes the branding space sacrifice. Keeping the ad itself intact, its interaction stays original, and so does its brand identity and image intuitive. Using cherrypicks’s proprietary fast image recognition technology, Town Check is the maiden app quickly reads and accurately tracks an image to the same high performance as a traditional code reader, whilst improves the conventional black-and-white codes to well-designed, colourful images.

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